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Summer  Term

Personal, social and emotional development

At Nursery:

Encourage your child to talk about their friends. Please remind them that they will start to meet friends that come into Nursery in the morning and the afternoons, as well as new friends who do not come to our school at the moment.

At home:

Talk to your child about the need to take turns and share. They must understand that they may have to wait for things. This will be just as important when they go into Reception, so it needs to be raised as part of the change and transition going into the big school.



At Nursery:

This half term, we will finish our topic ‘Friends’, remembering that Jesus had special friends and that He is also our special friend. We will talk about friends making us happy and sometimes sad and that some actions and words can hurt others’ feelings.

In our new topic we will talk about the special responsibility God gave us, to look after ‘Our World’ and everything in it.


At home:

Parents, talk about your friends and why they are special to you. Ask your child about the friends that make them happy at nursery.


Communication and Language

At Nursery:

We will be sharing games, exercise and conversations about racing, sports events, keeping fit and staying healthy.

We will talk about how countries around the world come together and play sports to celebrate sporting achievements and to make new friends.

At home:

Please make sure you share the books you take home several times over the week. This will help your child hear the new words and phrases repeatedly. Talking about the pictures in books also gives your child an opportunity to put their thoughts in words.


Physical development

At school:

We will explore lots of different activities that link with Sports Day such as long jump, high jump, balance beam, gymnastics, trampoline, ball games, running, throwing and assault courses. We will talk about healthy living and why exercise is good for us.

At home:

Take your child swimming, go to the park and play football or just walk to school to promote our ‘walk to school initiative’. Encourage your child to walk, or use a bike or scooter instead of going in the car.


Mathematical Development

At school:

The Olympics will be a great way of developing our number skills, We will use timers to record our races, develop counting by hopping, skipping and jumping. We will count the people in our teams and learn some simple games by following sequences. We will encourage some problem solving games with the 5 Olympic rings and sorting equipment by size.

At home:

Ask your child to “give you…” up to 10 objects, counting them out for you. Children are finding this very difficult. If you ask for 5 objects they have to know that they stop at 5, to count accurately. Count objects (e.g. spoons, cars, etc.) find that number on your number line.



At school:

We are reading and sharing some special stories this half term, ‘The Journey Home from Grandpa’s’, ‘Up, Up Up’, and ‘WE All Go Travelling By’. We will continue exploring sounds and letters, writing our name and numbers to 10 and recognising key words.

At home:

Share a book for 5-10 minutes each day, talk about the pictures. Go over the story each day, give your child a chance to answer questions and think about what is happening in the story. Keep it short and make it fun to give your child opportunities to interact with you and share their thoughts.


Understanding the World

At school:

We will enjoy different sports in readiness for Sports Day. We will be learning to sing “We are the champions” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”.


At home:

Talk to your child about all the natural wonders in our world and what God created.

Enjoy trying a new sport together as a family.


Expressive Arts and Design

At school:

We will use instruments to make sounds like animals. We can role-play the stories and songs we are learning, mix colours and use paint, play-dough and modelling media to create different animal models.

At home:

Those children who are practising their drawing and colouring are making fantastic progress so please draw a picture with your child each day. Please let your child cut out some pictures from old magazines using scissors.




Other important information…


Dates for your diary:

Every Friday - Parent Support Sessions (8.30am and 12.30pm)

Thursday 15th June – Reception Familiarisation Meeting – AM and PM parents to attend – all children attend in morning

Tuesday 11th July - all children to attend afternoon nursery

Wednesday 12th Thursday 13th July – Parents’ Consultation Meetings – meet your child’s new Reception class teacher

Monday 3rd July – Sports Day -celebrating children’s sporting achievement, weather permitting (alternative date: Monday 10th July)

Tuesday 18th July – Celebration Assemblies – all children presented with certificates and Special Books 10.45am or 2.15pm

Thursday 20th July – last sessions for nursery children – Infant and Junior school breaks up Friday 1pm




  • Parent Support Sessions: thank you for your continuing support

  • With your support books are changed every Tuesday and Friday. Please sign the shared reading record weekly.

  • Please ensure that contact telephone numbers are updated as it is vital that we are able to contact you in an emergency.

  • Please make sure your child wears sensible clothes and shoes, sun hat and sun cream according to the weather.