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Curriculum Newsletter

Summer Term 

Personal, social and emotional development

At school:

This half term, we will be talking to the children about transition into Year 1. We will be going into the infant playground for play times every day, attending the infant assemblies and meeting the Year 1 staff and visiting the classrooms. We want to make the transition as smooth as possible for our children.

At home:

Talk to your child about their move into Year 1 and that it is an exciting time to build on everything they have learnt in Reception.

Come up with some questions they might want to ask the children and teachers in Year 1 to find out some information about what they do.



At school:

Our RE topic this term is ‘Our World’. We will be learning about how we can all work together to take care of our World.

At home:

Talk to your child about the importance of celebrating how important our World is and how we can care for it.


Communication and Language

At school:

We will be talking about the different types of transport there is and their uses. We will be looking at special transport such as the emergency vehicles.

We will be talking about how Transport has changed and will change.

We will be reading a story in class each week and creating story maps to help us learn them.

At home:

Visit the library and look at books about transport.

Discuss with your child: how has transport changed? What kind of transport did we use to have and how is it different now?

What might it look like in the future?


Physical development

At school:

The children will be practising moving as different types of transport, slowly like a tractor, fast like a rocket or winding like a bike.

We will continue to act out the story of the week through our music and movements sessions.


At home:

While you are out and about with your child, look at the different ways different types of transport move. Can they copy the movements?


Mathematical Development

At school:

We will be focussing on refining lots of our Maths skills such as addition, subtraction, money and directions.


At home:

Practise adding and subtracting numbers using objects. Allow your child to pay for items in shops using money.



At school:

We will be reading a different book each week linked to our topic. We will be doing lots of activities based around the book.

The children are becoming more confident in using their phonic sounds to help write words independently. We will be focussing on writing labels, captions and sentences.


At home:

Give your child lots of opportunities to practise their writing skills, e.g. writing their weekend news, shopping lists, cards to friends and family.

Practise reading with your child every day. This could be their school book or sharing a bedtime story together. Don’t forget to ask them questions about what they are reading.


Understanding the World

At school:

We will be learning about different types of transport; land, sea, air and space.

We will be looking at the emergency vehicles and why they are special.

We will be practising our road safety and talking about how to keep safe


At home:

Look at different types of transport with your child. Sort them into those that go in the air, on land, in water. How are they adapted for their uses?


Expression Arts and Design

At school:

We will be looking at building our own transport using junk modelling materials and large blocks.

We will be designing and making our own road signs.

At home:

Design your own form of transport. What will it look like? What will it do? Will it have any special features?

Talk about the road signs you see. What do they tell you?


Things to remember…


Please ensure your child has a complete PE kit as the weather is changing and they will be required to wear their t-shirts and shorts.

As we are now approaching summer, the children can wear their summer school uniform which is pink check dress or grey trousers or skirt with a short sleeved shirt. No tie is required for short sleeve shirt.

Footwear: white, black or brown sandals may be worn. Sandals should not have high heels or be open toed for safety reasons.

Please ensure that your child only wears shoes with laces if they can tie them independently.

Remember to keep your child’s reading book in their book bag every day so we can hear them read and change their books.


Dates for your diary

Scooter Day & Wear Your Trainers – Friday 16th June

Family Sessions – Tuesday 9th May & Tuesday 23rd May (8.45-9.30)

Stay and Play Sessions – Tuesday 2nd May (8.45-9.30)

RV Class Assembly – Wednesday 28th June

RM Class Assembly – Wednesday 5th July

RD Class Assembly – Wednesday 12th July

Parent Consultation Evenings – Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th July

Willow Farm Trip – Tuesday 18th July

Finish for Summer Term - Friday 21st July - 1pm

Finish for Summer Term – Friday 21st July