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Curriculum Newsletter

Welcome back after the Easter Break!


We hope you had a happy and restful Easter break and are ready for the busy term ahead.

This newsletter aims to bring you up to date with the topics your child will be learning this term and ideas of how to support your child at home through the different areas of learning. Our topic this half term is ‘Changes’.

Summer  - First half

Personal, social and emotional development

At school:

This half term, we will be talking about how things change. We will look at how we have changed since we were born, how all living things change and how the world around us changes too. We will talk about how our feelings and emotions change with different events around us and that it is fine to change our minds.

At home:

Look at baby photographs with your child and encourage them to talk about how they’ve changed. What can they do now that they could not do as a baby?

Please bring a baby photo in for our class display board.



At school:

Our RE topic this term is ‘Good News’. We will be learning about the Easter story and talking about times that we have had good news.

At home:

Talk to your child about the importance of Easter, it is a new beginning for us all to grow.


Communication and Language

At school:

We will be talking about life cycles (human and animals) and introducing the language to discuss changes they observe in everyday materials such as ice melting into water and back again.

We will be reading a story in class each week and creating story maps to help us learn them.

At home:

Visit the library and look at books about changes, e.g. life cycles of animals and humans, changes in materials.

Whilst cooking, encourage your child to talk about the changes that they observe.


Physical development

At school:

The children will be practising changing their body shapes from long straight shapes to curved shapes.

We will continue to act out the story of the week through our music and movements sessions.


At home:

While you are out and about with your child, look for things that are changing, e.g. trees and plants, changes in roads or buildings.


Mathematical Development

At school:

We will be focussing on doubling and halving this half term, as well as introducing 3D shapes to the children and ordering and sequencing familiar events.


At home:

Practise doubling and halving different amounts of objects with your child.

When out and about, look for 3D shapes in the environment.



At school:

We will be reading a different book each week linked to our topic. We will be doing lots of activities based around the book.

The children are becoming more confident in using their phonic sounds to help write words independently. We will be focussing on writing labels, captions and sentences.


At home:

Give your child lots of opportunities to practise their writing skills, e.g. writing their weekend news, shopping lists, cards to friends and family.

Practise reading with your child every day. This could be their school book or sharing a bedtime story together. Don’t forget to ask them questions about what they are reading.

Understanding the World

At school:

We will be learning about changes that occur in humans and animals as well as changes that occur in materials.

We will be planting our own seeds and keeping a diary of how they change.

We will be having some exciting additions to Reception next half term, and watching them grow!


At home:

Look at things that change around your home and local area, e.g. a new picture, a new pet, plants and trees growing or new buildings. Talk about what they have seen change and how it has changed.




Things to remember…


Please ensure your child has a complete PE kit as the weather is changing and they will be required to wear their t-shirts and shorts.

As we are now approaching summer, the children can wear their summer school uniform which is pink check dress or grey trousers or skirt with a short sleeved shirt. No tie is required for short sleeve shirt.

Footwear: white, black or brown sandals may be worn. Sandals should not have high heels or be open toed for safety reasons.

Please ensure that your child only wears shoes with laces if they can tie them independently.

Remember to keep your child’s reading book in their book bag every day so we can hear them read and change their books.


The children will continue to bring home their ‘Superhero Home Learning’ every Wednesday. This will inform you of what we are learning in class and give you ideas of activities you can do at home to support your child. If your child wishes to create anything to show, please can they bring it into class by the following Thursday. We have enjoyed seeing all the creative projects your children have been doing at home.


Dates for your diary

May Day Bank Holiday – Monday 1st May (school closed)

Family Phonics Sessions – (8.45-9.30)

Stay and Play Sessions –

Finish for Half Term – Friday 26th May