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School Garden

School Garden

September 2016


During the holidays, we made lots of exciting progress with our school garden. We finished clearing the site, laid weed suppressor and gravel, constructed the raised beds and added topsoil. The garden is now ready for planting!


Some of our staff members had a day of gardening training at the start of September. Over the next few weeks, children will begin to explore the garden and to plant seeds both indoors and in the raised beds.

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May 2016


We are very excited to inform you that we have been awarded some funding from Haringey Council to develop the garden area behind the school house.


The garden will mainly be used during lesson time to help small groups of children develop key skills. Whole classes will also visit the garden as part of their topic and science work and it will be open during lunchtimes for use by children in Years 3 and 4.


Our aim is to have the garden up and running for September 2016. This term we will be clearing the site and constructing raised beds. We hope that lots of you will be able to help us with this process! Please contact the office if you would be able to donate or lend any tools (forks, shovels, wheelbarrows etc.) or if you have construction or gardening expertise that we could draw on in the next stages of the project.



On Saturday 14th May 2016, we completed the first stage of work – clearing the garden and levelling the ground. We think you’ll agree that our amazing team of staff, parents and community volunteers did an incredible job! Huge thanks to Andrew, Rajesh Jose, Vidas Uilimias, Kingsley Opara, Juan Loaiza, Bahta Tesfe, Ibrahim Mono, Selam Desta, Beatrice Yong, Juliet Maina, Ms. McGlade, Mr McCreadie, Bernard Daly, Miss Nobre, Alexandra Robert, Miss Foster, Mrs Shirley, Mrs Prah, Mr Tillson, Mr Petrousse, Mr Lane and Mr Babu.


Before work began

Before work began 1
Before work began 2
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Working hard

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Work completed

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