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2015- 2016

The Year of Mercy


In 1962, Pope John XXIII called the Church for the first time in its 2000 year history, to set up a Council to look at how the Catholic Church could make the message of faith more relevant to people in the twentieth century. He called for a freshening of thinking and practices that would better enable the Church to do God's work and serve the whole people of God on earth. The Pope also hoped the Council would pave the way for Christian unity. This Council was called Vatican II.


It is now 50 years since Vatican II closed and Pope Francis wants us to once again renew the Catholic Church in this “new phase of her history” and has decreed this year to be a Year of Mercy. Pope Francis called this mercy, “the very foundation of the church’s life and credibility” and said, “Wherever there are Christians, everyone should find an oasis of mercy.” So there is no better way in this year of mercy, than to let thoughts of mercy fill our minds and to let mercy grow in our hearts.


Pope Francis launched this Jubilee Year with the solemn opening of a door in St Peter’s Basilica in Rome, as is usual for a Holy Year. The door is a symbol of opening to the fullness of God’s love and invites us to pass through as a sign that we wish to experience God’s mercy and take it others. The door represents a new opening for God’s mercy to every heart. Each Christian is called to seek and receive God’s mercy and convey it to others through whatever doors he or she passes, whatever thresholds he or she crosses, and whoever, he or she meets this year.


In the school, the children have created their own doors of mercy, study the parables of Mercy and pray for mercy.


This Holy Year will end on the feast of Christ the King, whom Pope Francis asks, “to pour out his mercy, so that everyone may work together to build a brighter future.”


The Good Samaritan


Nursery AM Nursery PM


                          Class RM                               Class 1P


The Lost Sheep


         Class 1T Class 2C             Class 3C


The Lost Coin


            Class RBD             Class 1S              Class 2S
Class 3L                Class 4B


The Prodigal Son


Class RV Class 2WD  
Class 3M Class 4D  

The Rich Man and the Beggar Lazarus



  Class 4P

  Class 5B    Class 6G

The Two Debtors and the Creditor


Class 5NP       Class 6L


The Pharisee and the Publican in the Temple


                       Class 5O               Class 6M

 Penitential Service with Fr John


March 2015

Primary Pilgrimage


On Wednesday 2nd March,  5 children were invited to the Primary Pilgrimage Mass at Westminster Cathedral  as part of the Year of Mercy.


Catholic Association For Overseas Development



Today we were very pleased to welcome Judy, a CAFOD volunteer. CAFOD stands for Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. CAFOD is the official aid agency of the Catholic Church in England and Wales. They provide lots of help for people in desperate situations around the world.

Judy explained to us all the importance of helping those who are much less fortunate than us.


1st March 2016

Catholic Children’s Society


Today we were very pleased to welcome Kate, a member of the Catholic Children’s Society.

She explained how the money we raise through  the collection boxes, will help children and families less fortunate than us.


23rd February 2016

Advent Liturgy


Over 2 weeks, Year 3- 6 have had  the opportunity to take park in an Advent Liturgy where they were able to reflect on the season and think more deeply about how they can prepare themselves to welcome Jesus at Christmas Time.  They listened to Scripture, prayed and sang together.


December 2015

Harvest Assembly Thursday 22nd October 2015

Saint Display

This year each class has adopted their own saint. 

Throughout the year they will learn

about their saints life and pray to them.

September 2015 



RBD- St Luke


RM - St Anthony


RV - Saint Mary Our Lady


1P- St Andrew


1S- St Peter


1T- St Nicholas



2C- Oscar Romero



2S - St Martin de Porres


2WD - St Josephine Bakhita


3C- St Patrick


3L - St Joan of Arc


3M - St Maximillian Kolbe


4B- St Paul the Londoner



4D - St Catherine of Bologna


4P - St Joseph the Worker


5B - St Cecilia


5NP - St Francis of Assisi


5O- St Joseph of Arimathea


6G- St Therese of Lisieux


6L- St George


6M- St Christopher