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During Lent the junior children are taking the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Ash Wednesday

Fr David distributed the ashes to the infant children

in the school hall.

The junior children attended a service in church.


Doors of Saints


                         St Luke                   St Martin de Porres              St George

                     RD                                   RM                              RV





                St Francis of Assisi             St Cecilia                      St Peter

                    1DB                               1G                             1S



          St Oscar Romero                 St Cecilia                         St Nicholas

                        2C                                2D                                     2T



                 St Patrick                    St Christopher                  St Rita

                       3C                                3BW                            3D



            St Bede                      St Joseph the Worker              St Joan of Arc 

               4B                                        4P                                     4R



                    St Anthony                  St Andrew                      St Teresa

                    5K                              5M                                5O





                  St Therese              St Martin de Porres        St Maximilian Kolbe

                    6G                                 6H                              6M

Advent Today


   Advent means ‘the coming’ of something.


   Advent is a period lasting FOUR Sundays (not weeks!) preparing for the 

   celebration of Jesus’ birth.


   The first Sunday of Advent also marks the beginning of the Christian Church's



   Because the celebration is such an important event, Christians want to make  

   themselves completely ready.


Why is the Advent Wreath so special to Christians?

  • The circle of the wreath reminds Christians of God, His eternity and endless mercy, which has no beginning or end.


  • The green of the wreath speaks of the hope that Christians have in God, the hope of newness, of renewal, of eternal life.


Why have four candles on the Advent Wreath?

  • The four outer candles represent the period of waiting during the four Sundays of Advent
  • The green of the wreath speaks of the hope that Christians have in God, the hope of newness, of renewal, of eternal life.


The four traditional advent themes

  • The Candle of HOPE
  • The Candle of PEACE
  • The Candle of LOVE
  • The Candle of JOY
  • A fifth candle is  lit in the middle to celebrate the birth of Jesus


The Candle of Hope

The Candle of Peace


 The Candle of Love

The Candle of Joy

Harvest Festival

October 2016