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2019 - 2020

Mishal Husain


Tottenham University were extremely lucky to be visited by BBC Today Programme Presenter and News Reader Mishal Husain. The children were interested in Mishal's famous interviews which included Boris Johnson , Megan Markle and Prince Harry. 

Mishal talked about her parents' support and the importance of working hard. The children loved Mishal's openness and honesty and said they would be watching the news!

The children had carried out a lot of research on Mischal , who said she was very impressed with the quality of questions and maturity of the Tottenham University students.

Alison Steadman


Alison Steadman OBE visited Tottenham University after filming the hugely popular and most viewed Christmas Special of the last decade Gavin and Stacey. 

Alison explained that she grew up in an ordinary family with loving parents and talked movingly about how she missed her parents and particularly her mother not being at the Palace when she collected her OBE from the queen.

Alison talked about the importance of doing new things and talked about how she and Director Mike Leigh experimented on filming without a script. Alison said despite her huge success she still has to work hard learning scripts.

It is a small world when we discovered one of our lunchtime supervisors Mrs Smart used to babysit Alison's boys.

Nick Hewer

The Tottenham University were extremely lucky to meet the legend that is Nick Hewer OBE , who currently chairs the panel game " Countdown" .  Nick was Lord Alan Sugar's right handman in the BBC's Apprentice and was famous for his look of amazement at the competitors decision making .

Nick was very generous with his time and talked about the importance of hard work and not giving up . The children asked very interesting questions including " What was the best advice ?", " What is Lord Sugar like?", "Did you ever feel like giving up?" and "How much do you earn?"


Nick very kindly gave a signed copy of his book My Alphabet: A Life from A to Z to the best question .

Houses of the Commons 


This is the 5th year of Tottenham University a project that involves seven primary schools in Tottenham, Haringey 6th Form College and Dukes Academy working together to provide cultural opportunities for out children.


This year 20 children have been selected from years 4 and 5 and they will be visiting House of Commons, Oxford University , Theatre visit and meet high profile speakers.


On Monday the 26th September 2019 St Francis de Sales’s Tottenham University student visited the House of Commons . The students visited the Houses of the Commons , House of Lords and  “ Making Laws “ workshop.


The students had a superb knowledge of our political system and there was some brilliant questions from all of the students.

Tottenham University at Haringey 6th Form College


On Friday the 20th of September 2019 we launched the 5th year of the Tottenham University at Haringey 6th Form College . The guests of honour were Deputy Leader Councillor Brabazon and Mayor of Haringey Councillor Peacock.


The Principal of Haringey 6th Form College’s Principal , Russ Lawrance, sponsored the Tottenham University booklet. The 140 children will record their visits to Parliament, Oxford University and Theatre . In addition the booklets will be used to record the questions they put to the guests who visit the Tottenham University Project.


Deputy Leader Councillor Brabazon talked about her own journey from an ordinary school in Hackney to Oxford University and The Mayor explained the importance of working hard.


Dr Lane said “ This is an amazing opportunity for the 140 children selected across seven primary schools in Tottenham."