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Black History

Black History



St Francis de Sales has been celebrating Black History Month during October. Young journalists Shabelle, Arvin, Lovelace and Francis report on what pupils got up to.

As a school we think we need to grow our understanding of black history and the traditions of others. The school choir performed songs from different cultures, tribes and countries, dancing and laughing with joy.

Children from Class 5P started their adventure within black history by making masks. A man called Efosa taught us how to make masks for decoration and enjoyment. Every time we look at them, they remind us of Black History Month and our great ancestors.

Magnificent masks
Class 5P took part in African mask making after we had learned how to say hello in Nigerian and Ghanaian languages. We luckily got taught by Mr Efosa.

Here are the steps he took us through:
1. Get your clay.
2. Roll the clay into a circle

3. Get some spare clay and use it to make two round eyes. Stick these onto your clay face.
4. Roll another piece of clay into a sausage.
5. Break the sausage in half and place it over the eyes.
6. There are two ways of making the nose. I rolled clay into a sausage, bent it and put a twirl at each end.
7. Place the nose onto the mask.
8. Make an O shape for the mouth and put it on your African mask.
9. Finish your African mask by making patterns on the cheeks and at the edges.

To sum up this experience, it was a fantastic and interesting lesson that I would happily do again.