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British Values Displays

Mutual Respect


We treat other people with respect - 3L

We work together to help one another - 1T

We make all visitors feel very welcome in

our school - 3C

We learn about how to look after ourselves and others through anti-bullying week and E-safety workshops - RBD

The Rule of Law


We know that rules and laws protect us -2C

We have  helped to develop fair rules for our

class and school - RV

We know that laws are important as they protect us and influence our behaviour - 5B

We recognise that it is important to follow all types of laws and rules, including the school ones such as uniform rules and behaviour rules. - 1P



We have a school council, who are voted in,

 to represent us - 6M

We raise money for lots of different charities - 1S

We are all part of our school family and we make decisions together - 4P

A Head boy, Head Girl, Deputies and Gold Ties are elected in year 6 to help other classes. - 6L

Individual Liberty


We are responsible for our own behaviours and choices in school - 2S


We celebrate our achievements - Nursery

We are responsible for our own behaviours and choices in school - 6G

We have the choice to take part in after

school clubs -2WD

We know that everyone has rights and responsibilities - 3M

Tolerance of different beliefs and faiths


Through RE and the IPC, we enjoy learning about different faiths and cultures from

around the world - 4B   


We know and respect that we are part of a culturally diverse society - 5O

Members of different faiths are welcome and encouraged to share their knowledge with us - RM

We enjoy visiting and learning about places of worship from different faiths - 5NP