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Curriculum Newsletter

Autumn Term

Dear Parents and Carers,



Welcome to Nursery’s Autumn Term 1 newsletter.  This is a very important time where we settle children into the Nursery routines, helping them separate from parents and carers. We will encourage and help your child to become more

independent by letting them find their own name for the

register, hang up their own coat, say “Good morning” and choose activities that interest them.


 Enclosed you will find a copy of:


· Information about your child’s setting

· The topic web for the term

· Activities to try at home

· Useful websites list

· Important dates for your diary



 The staff in your child’s year group are as follows:


Mrs Lombardi         Class Teacher

Ms Lowe                 HLTA

Ms Anna                 Support Staff



We are always available to speak with parents and carers but if you feel you may need a little longer to discuss an issue we can make an appointment to see you.



Attendance and Punctuality 

It is important that your child attends Nursery punctually every day, unless they are ill. Please ring the Nursery directly on 020 8801 0176  to tell us if your child cannot attend.


The Nursery gate is open from:

          8.45am and closed at 8:55am.


It will reopen at 11:55am for the collection of children leaving after the morning session and be closed again at 12:10pm.


The gate will reopen at 2:55pm for the collection of the full time children and closed at 3:10pm



Children will come into Nursery and self register, they are encouraged to put their book bag in their own box, take off their coat and hang it up on their own peg.



 In order to encourage children to make good choices in our Nursery we have a Healthy Snack Table each day which allows the children to prepare and share snacks with each other.


We encourage healthy minds and bodies in our school therefore it is expected that children come to school each day with healthy snacks and lunch.  As we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL it is essential that your child does not bring any foods containing nuts or traces of nuts, including biscuits and chocolate.  We also ask that no sweets, crisps, sugary cakes and snacks or fizzy drinks are placed in your child’s lunch. This is also the case when they are bringing snacks for after school club. Please send healthy snacks only.


Please remember that your child is not allowed to bring anything into school from home, apart from a named water bottle and a lunch box if they attend the nursery full-time.   


 It is important that your child comes to school each day dressed in the Nursery uniform, which is the burgundy tracksuit, white polo shirt and appropriate footwear. We ask that children do not wear lace-up shoes unless they can ties laces themselves. The uniform allows the children to engage with the full range of activities on offer.


For health and safety reasons beads and hard hair bobbles, hair clips and  jewellery (apart from simple stud earrings) are not permitted. Hanging or hoped earrings are extremely

dangerous and are not allowed. We ask that you continue to support us in ensuring that your child is dressed appropriately and safely every day. All uniform and clothing should be named with a permanent marker or laundry label, this includes coats, scarves, hats and gloves.



 Children will receive positive ‘Dojos’ for making good choices, “sparking” their teacher, trying their best and demonstrating good behaviour. Make sure you are connected to get your Dojo updates!

Children are made aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Children will always be given a number of warnings before further action is taken. Children may be asked to take time out to reflect.


Class Dojo

Currently, the main way to communicate with your child’s teacher is through Class Dojo.  Please make sure you are signed up to Class Dojo and are receiving messages.  Your child’s teacher will be using Class Dojo to send home reminders and important messages. 


Reading at Home

Like many other things at the moment, we are having to make some changes to Home Reading to ensure the safety of our families and staff. We want our children to continue to love reading and to continue to read as much as possible, so we will continue to send reading books home, but with some differences to how this will be organised. Please see the details below. Please remember to try and read with your children every day, talk to them about what they are reading and share stories with them.


When will my child be able to bring a book home?

Children can change their books every Tuesday and Friday.


When does this book need to come back?

Children will keep their book(s) until the following Friday.


What happens when the book(s) comes back to school?

Books taken home will be kept aside for 48 hours before going back into the class book corners ready to be borrowed by other children.


Will my child still have a Reading Record?

Yes, children will keep their reading records at home.  Please continue to write comments for the class teacher in the Home Reading Record.


Will my child still need a Book Bag?

No, we are asking that children carry their books into school where they will be placed in a collection box.


Please encourage your children to look after the books sent home as they are expensive to replace and children must learn to respect and value the resources given to them.

Remember that sharing a book should be a special time; make this an enjoyable, fun activity that your child wants to do with you. This only needs to be 5 or 10 minutes a day but encouraging a love of books and reading will support your child’s future academic achievement, promote learning,  understanding and imagination. 


Our timetable is very flexible and allows us to meet the needs of our learners each day.


As a Catholic school we always make time for collective worship, where we come together, say our prayers and reflect on aspects of our current RE topic, which changes throughout.


We develop our children’s understanding of routines that support their learning, make them more independent and get them Reception-ready. We use lots of visuals, photos, resources and active movement to reinforce learning.


Each half-term we have a  curriculum topic which usually develops from a number of shared stories, songs and stimuli. We develop cross-curricular links, through a wide range of experiences and play-based opportunities.


We support a number of different approaches mainly by engaging parents/carers to  support our daily activities at home.


Our provision involves independent free-flow play (both indoor and outdoor), practitioner-led learning, targeted group-time activities and interventions, home-work learning opportunities with appropriate resources to take home and daily carpet or circle-time sessions.  


This balance provides children and their families with extensive opportunities, freedom to explore, make their own

informed choices, meet other parents/carers, find out and share experiences in a safe, supportive, welcoming setting.


We encourage children’s engagement, sense of fun and participation across all the areas of learning and development, in order to help children to reach their full potential:


Personal Social and Emotional Development                                                                                                                       (including making relationships, self-confidence and self- awareness, managing feelings and behaviour)


Physical Development and Self-Help

(including moving and handling, health and self-care)


Communication and Language

(including listening and attention, understanding and speaking)



(including reading and writing)



(including numbers, space, shape and measure)


Understanding the World

(including people and communities, the world and tech- nology)


Expressive Arts and Design

(including exploring and using media and materials and being imaginative)


We closely follow the children’s interests, engaging children to play and explore, to be active learners who are motivated, involved and focused. We are proud that our Nursery creates a thinking environment that promotes effective learning for all and a welcoming Catholic community where our children and families grow together in faith and love.


Books and online materials


The books and rhymes we will cover this half term are:


  • · From head to toe - Eric Carle
  • · Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see? - Eric Carle
  • · Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • · Designed by God so I must be special
  • · The more we get together
  • · I’ve got eyes to see


e-book library:

Click on class log in.

The username is: sfds
The password is: nursery


Important dates for your diary