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Curriculum Newsletter

Dear Parents and Carers,


 Welcome to Year 1’s Spring Term newsletter.



Enclosed you will find a copy of:

  • Your child’s timetable
  • The curriculum map for the term
  • The home learning grid for the topics we are covering
  • Maths Fluency facts
  • Important dates for your diary




 The staff in your child’s year group are as follows:


1MA      Mrs Melbourne  Class Teacher & Year Group Leader

             Ms Alexander    Class Teacher

             Mrs Prah           Learning Support Assistant

             Mr Ryan             Learning Support Assistant


1M        Mrs Melbourne  Class Teacher

            Miss Debert       Higher Level Teaching Assistant

            Mrs Lydon          Higher Level Teaching Assistant

            Mrs George       Learning Support Assistant


1O        Ms Ozaltun       Class Teacher

            Ms Malcolm       Learning Support Assistant



If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher please make an appointment at the school office, or for a brief, informal chat speak to the teacher at 3.30pm. If you are connected to the Class Dojo system, you may also wish to message on there.


Attendance and Punctuality

It is very important that your child attends school punctually every day, unless they are ill. The school gates are open from 8.30am and the children are expected to be ready to come straight into the classroom to start their learning at 8.45am.



We encourage healthy minds and bodies in our school therefore it is expected that children come to school each day with healthy snacks and lunch.  As we are a NUT FREE SCHOOL it is essential that your child does not bring any foods containing nuts or traces of nuts, including biscuits and chocolate.  We also ask that no sweets, crisps, sugary cakes and snacks or fizzy drinks are placed in your child’s lunch. This is also the case when they are bringing snacks for after school club. Please send healthy snacks only.



We ask that you continue to support us in ensuring that your child is wearing the correct uniform every day. Our uniform policy is available from our school office and on our website. Children are not permitted to wear any jewellery except for simple stud earrings for girls. Any inappropriate item of jewellery worn to school will be confiscated and kept in the school office for safekeeping until the end of the week when it will be sent home. All hair must be tied back if long and should be their natural hair colour with no coloured weaves or braids. The wearing of hard hair accessories (beads for example) is not permitted. There should be no extreme hairstyles or lines or designs cut into hair or eyebrows. We ask that you continue to support us in ensuring that your child is dressed appropriately every day. As children play outside in all weathers except heavy rain and snow, they must have a warm, waterproof coat in school every day.


PE Kits

Year 1 have PE on Thursdays every week. 

The children will be getting changed into their PE kits at school so PE kits need to be kept in school at all times.  We will send them home regularly for washing.  On PE days, hair must be tied back and earrings must be removed. 



Children receive ‘Dojos’ for behaviour and learning which exemplifies our school values. They are also awarded 

certificates and badges for efforts in subjects through our school values of Respect, Aspiration, Resilience, Teamwork and Engagement. Exceptional behaviour may also result in a Head teacher’s Certificate.


Children are made aware of the consequences of inappropriate behaviour. Children will always be given a warning before sanctions are issued. Children may be asked to take time out to reflect in their own class or another class. More serious instances of poor behaviour are recorded on a 369 sheet and you will be informed.

Each class also competes to win a weekly lining-up and attendance awards.


Class Trips

Over the course of the year, there will be a range of trips designed to deepen your child’s understanding of and

enthusiasm for the topics we will study. Some parental assistance will be required on outings, so if you are able to help in some way please let your child’s teacher know.



We will celebrate your child’s birthday in school by singing Happy Birthday to them. You are welcome to bring in fruit for the class to share or a book to go in the class book corner. We ask that you do not send in any other form of food, as many children have allergies.

Please do not send in any party bags or cakes. 



Your child will be receiving a home learning book and a topic grid.  This is designed to encourage your child to develop curiosity about the world and independent study skills appropriate to his or her  age. All children are expected to have completed at least three tasks by the deadline given on the grid.  They can stick work straight into their home learning books.


Your child will also continue to receive weekly Phonics homework but this does not need to be brought back to school as it is useful for you to do this with the children and then keep it for practise.


Reading at Home

It is extremely important that children read with a parent/carer for at least 15 minutes every day. Please encourage your child to read widely - websites, blogs, newspapers and information books as well as story books – and for pleasure! Children who regularly practise their word recognition and comprehension skills at home make much more rapid progress in all subjects at school. Please initial your child’s yellow reading record every day after they have read and add any comments for the class teacher. All children will be given a banded reading book each week. These are changed every Friday. Children are also allowed to choose their own library book each week on a Friday. We ask that you ensure all books are kept in your child’s book bag.


Maths at Home

We ask that you continue to support your child to improve his or her maths fluency skills. In this newsletter you will find a list of the number facts which we are focusing on this term and some suggested ways for your child to practise them. Even 5 minutes of practice a day while you are in the car, walking or on the bus will have a real impact on your child’s progress in maths!

Show and Tell

Show and Tell sessions focus on celebrating home learning children have completed. We also encourage children to share important news with us, but we do not allow children to show toys .

We ask that you support us with this by ensuring your child does not bring any toys or personal items to school; these are not allowed in the playground and we cannot take responsibility for any items that are lost or



Can you help?


We are always delighted for parents to be involved in the

learning that takes place in school. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you think you would be able to help with any aspect of our learning, for example, by facilitating a trip, giving a presentation or arranging a speaker.


I hope the children will enjoy their learning and I very much look forward to seeing you this term.


Kind regards,


Mrs Melbourne

Year Group Leader & KS1 Assistant Headteacher


Important dates for your diary

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