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Gallery 2013/2014

Panathlon Challenge


On Tuesday 8th July, ten children from St Francis took part in the Panathlon Challenge. The Team beat 7 other schools to win gold! We competed in lots of different events, including cricket, football, table tennis and racing. The children competed brilliantly and we had a great day.

Bird Watch

St Francis de Sales has had some special visitors this week. Brittany Kivuila and pupils from Year 6 report onsaving a young family of birds from a sticky end.

This week St Francis de Sales School has been a mini nature reserve helping sick birds recover. A nest fell from a tree in the school on Monday. All the children were very excited when they saw the nest on the floor with three tiny chicks. Doreen noticed the nest was broken in two and that birds were resting in the broken nest. She explained that the mother may abandon the babies because so many children were going near the nest. Brittany from 5C said, ‘The children did not notice that they were frightening the mother who had stopped feeding the chicks.’

Bukky and some other Year 6 students have been working to make the area around the nest safe. We put the nest back in the tree, so it would be safe from foxes. We are very excited when the mother bird feeds the chicks with worms.

The daddy bird recently visited the chicks and they look very squashed in the tiny nest. We hope the birds will be well enough to fly.


1st July 2014

Art and Book Week

23rd June to  27th June


Last week, as part of our celebrations of books and artists, St Francis De Sales infant children had a visit from that gruesome twosome, Mr and Mrs Twit.

Roald Dahl’s book The Twits was brought to life by Emily-Jane Grant and Holly Meechan from Eastside Educational Trust, as they acted out the story, playing all the characters themselves, including the horrible husband and wife, as well as acrobatic Muggle-Wump the monkey, and the exotic Roly-Poly Bird. 

There were plenty of opportunities for audience participation – and beard-wearing!

The children had a great time and a chance to be re-acquainted with this much-loved classic book.


In Key Stage Two, the children were treated to a poetry workshop by Eastside’s Joshua Seigel.  Joshua is an author and poet who introduced the children to his exciting work by means of an interactive presentation.

There was lots of enthusiasm as the children joined in with the poems and raps and many went away inspired to work on their own rhymes and compositions.  This was a great opportunity to meet a published author and find out how he works, as well as to get a real feel for the power of words and rhythms.


On Wednesday we had a Drop Everything And Read session at school.

At the sound of the bell, at about 10am, everybody in the school, including the adults, stopped what they were doing, picked up a favourite book and began to….READ.

From Nursery to Year 6 the school fell silent as everyone took the opportunity to bury themselves in a book and enjoy some relaxing quiet reading time.

DEAR will be coming to our school again in the near future.  Listen out for the toll of the bell!


Art Week

23rd June to 27th June



This year during art week the children have been taking part in lots of different creative workshops. From watercolour, sculpture making, weaving, felt making and painting. The children have had a fantastic time creating some brilliant works of art that can be seen around the school and in the halls.


Giant Walking Bus


The whole of St Francis de Sales School took part in the Giant Walking Bus event on Tuesday 2nd July 2014.  Children from reception to year 6 produced banners, wore fluorescent clothing and walked the local area to promote road safety awareness.  This was to promote the work of Brake, a charity which raises consciousness of how to drive and walk safely on our roads, while providing support to those who have lost loved ones in road traffic accidents.  As you can see from the photographs, the children had a clear message for the local drivers - watch your speed!


Wednesday 2nd July 2014


Over 60s Club


The children from class 2S visited the Over 60s Club. The children sang a selection of songs and gave each person an Easter Egg.


April 2014

Sir Quentin Blake

Children from St Francis de Sales and St Pauls All Hallow Schools in Tottenham were treated to an amazing exhibition as they watched Sir Quentin Blake, the world renowned, children’s illustrator draw characters in front of them!


Sir Quentin held over 500 children mesmerised has they saw drawings of BFG, The Twits and Sophie come to life. The artist has been drawing for over 65 years and built up a world famous relationship with author Roald Dahl articulating his words into extraordinary images. Sir Quentin drew BFG and said “It was one my favourite characters to draw, I particularly enjoyed drawing his ears!”


The illustrator was interviewed by a group of year 5 pupils from the School Council and Journalist Club for the Tottenham School Blog. The children asked some interesting questions including “ Do you base your characters on people you know” Sir Quentin said” No but once I have drawn a character people always say you know that really looks like so and so. But I never do it deliberately.”


The Head Teacher of St Pauls and St Hallows school, Mrs Easton said” There are a lot of adults who remember Sir Quentin’s illustrations from their childhood and I have read these stories to my family over the years.”  Mr Lane the Head Teacher  at St Francis de Sales School said “We have  Sir Quentin’s books in all our classrooms and it is a huge honour for him to visit us in Tottenham.”


Children over many generations have been inspired by Sir Quentin to read and love books, todays reaction from the children shows the love affair with his work is entrenched in the next generation.


30th April 2014

Sir Quentin Blake

Still image for this video


Ocean Maths


Ocean Maths is a new and exciting scheme at St Frances De Sales.

Ocean Maths is dedicated to helping children and their parents or carers work together to improve pupils mathematics.


Here at St Francis De Sales we do this by:


•Providing specially designed homework that children and parents can share. The homework is fun, accessible and challenging.

•Delivering workshops in school termly in which parents and children engage in practical and enjoyable maths activities together.


The key word here is FUN, the activities that we provide are meant to be enjoyed whilst also giving the children an opportunity to develop their existing mathematical knowledge.