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Gallery 2016 - 2017

Summer Term



Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day


The students took part in an Enabling Enterprise Challenge Day: Future Transport. Their challenge was to design and create a form of transport that would suit the world of tomorrow. The students had to work in a team, share their ideas and most importantly use their imagination to overcome the problems facing the world of 3030. Working in their teams, the students produced a range of wonderful designs and prototypes. They demonstrated not only how creative they are, but their team working skills and how resilient they are in the face of challenges. 

Mini Vinnies Cake Sale

Construction Industry - Year 4


Construction engineers involved in building the new Tottenham football stadium visited Year 4 this week to give the children an incite about working in the construction industry. In groups the children had to build the tallest tower they could, using just newspaper and sellotape. The activity encouraged teamwork and good communication skills. Each member of the team was given a role; for example project manager, construction engineer.


Year 6 in Pendarren


Monday 12th June

The children have arrived safely and are currently having lunch. This afternoon, they will be split into groups and each group will do an activity - mountain walking, river walking or canoeing.

Tuesday 13th June

Group 1 did high ropes and Pony Trekking, Group 2 did the Big Pit and High Ropes and Group 3 and 5 did River Study. Group 4 did the Big Pit and canoeing.

Wednesday 14th June

Wednesday Lovely sunny day. Lots of fun activities in all the groups. In the evening everyone was gripped by the scary stories of Daniel Morden about Jack and Tom.


Thursday 15th June

Two groups did the river study and the others did a combination of riding, high ropes, canoe and big pit. In the evening the instructors put up a 150m zip wire and all the groups had fun using it. I think this is the first time for children from St Francis. We have had the best ever

Special Delivery - Baby chicks

Baby Chicks

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Art Week

24-28 April 2017

Art Displays


Each year group chose an artist to learn about. During art week, they studied their artist's style and technique. By the end of the week, each class produced a display of their interpretation of the artist's work.


Illustrator -  Laura Hughes


Illustrator Laura Hughes visited our school to talk about her work and what it is like to be an illustrator.

Laura read the Infants her latest book ‘The Birthday Story’ and drew a picture of a tiger, taken from ‘The tiger who came to tea’. In the Juniors she told us about her job and helped us create our own pictures of a pirate. Children and staff were very excited by the work that was produced.


Comments from children


Before the illustrator came to our school I thought art, like drawing, was too hard for me. Then when I was looking at the pictures on the whiteboard that Laura had drawn and she was talking about them I was inspired to be an artist. Laura was telling us about her books and how long they took to publish, I thought she was joking and that it would be quicker, they took about 6 months! Cameron Year 5

I used to think that Art wasn’t what I would like to do.

Then when the illustrator came I thought I could

be better at drawing because of the pictures she

showed us and the drawing I did of a pirate.

“I think it’s one of the best drawings I have ever done”. Joshua Year 5







Art Week Parents' Session

During art week the nursery had parents and children drawing together. They  first watched a short clip about Ken Done's artwork and how he would approach drawing a monument like Tower Bridge....then,

you guessed it, everyone drew Tower Bridge!!!

Spring Term


Year 5 - Composing Music

Year Five have been composing music inspired by the Greek Myth, Theseus and the Minotaur.

Working in small groups over five weeks all children have contributed to the production of an original piece of music.

Using untuned percussion, they wrote a 'Graphic Score', rehearsed performed and recorded their composition.

Here is one of those pieces of music and it's 'Graphic Score'.


This one written and performed by Juanita, Precious, Parisa, Yvonne and Bridget.

Music composed by Year 5

Book Week

Year 5 - Greek Day

Purple Mash Maths Games

Class 3C talking about how Purple Mash Maths Games helps with their learning

Tottenham University meet Ian Hislop


St Francis de Sales is a part of Tottenham University , which brings together seven schools in an exciting project ensuring our children are exposed to cultural experiences.


February 2017 saw the Star of "Have I Got News for You" Ian Hislop meet the children from Tottenham University. Ian is famous for his sharp political wit and is arguably the greatest satirist of his generation. Ian said " I am proudest of my work on Have I Got News for You , which has been going on for 25 years"


The schools prepared a skits for Ian to observe , St Francis's skit was about the newly elected American President Donald Trump. The children portrayed Mr Trump has an egotistic man , who loved his hair! In addition the children used Lego to build a mock wall , which Ian said he was going to use in future material . We wait with baited breath to see if St Francis is mentioned in a future edition of " Have I Got News for You".


Sayuri asked Ian Hislop what advice he would give to children on becoming successful , Ian said the most important message was for all of the children to go to university and learn as much as possible.


Mr Lane said " This was a brilliant day for all the children involved in Tottenham University and I thought Ian Hislop was fantastic ".


This was an exciting day and we all felt very privileged to have met Ian Hislop, who incidentally was an extremely kind and caring man.


Book  Display

Receptions - Animals

Year 5 - The Parthenon

The children were told that that they were to become architects and to work in their groups to make a model of a building from the past. They were given the instructions, and a template of The Parthenon; then as an entry point to our topic, The Great, the Bold and the Brave, they were given the time and materials to build their own structures.

Autumn Term

Christmas 2016

Year 2 singing Christmas Carols to the Over 60's Club

Drama Club 

A Christmas Carol

Junior Nativity

Nursery Nativity - AM


Nursery PM - Nativity


Infant Nativity

Year 6 - The Annual Advent Carol Service at Westminster Cathedral

Reception Nativity