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Gallery 2018 - 2019

Summer Term

Wear your trainers to school day

Year 3 Tate Project

On Friday 17th May the children in year 3 took part in a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the Tate project!

The talented filmmaker and artist Steve McQueen unveiled an amazing project that every year 3 child will be photographed with their class teacher and teacher assistant in a traditional class photo.

St Francis de Sales was one of the many schools in London that took part. The photograph will be part of a large-scale installation, which will be exhibited as from November 2019 to May 2020 at Tate Britain. The premise of this project is to capture the Year 3 children’s milestone year in their development.

Spring Term

World Autism Awareness Week

 Esther Joseph from Haringey Autism Term talking to the children about Autism.

Family Workshop

Developing Maths Fluency through Stories

Special Delivery - Baby chicks

                             Year 1 - Phonic Family Workshop

School Displays - Favourite Books

England Cricketers Ethan Bamber and Dillon Pennington


On Wednesday the 7th of November 2018 Tottenham University hosted the impressive England Ethan Bamber and Dillon Pennington to take questions from Tottenham University children. The two 19 year olds were amazing and very impressive in their maturity in handling well thought out questions from an audience of 350 children.


We were treated to Ethan and Dillion demonstrating their bowling and batting skills.


They very generously donated signed cricket bats and gloves for the most interesting questions.


The children were very impressed and cricket has a new set of fans thanks to these amazing young men.


Bruce Kent

The iconic Bruce Kent visited the Tottenham University on Wednesday the 31st of October 2018. Bruce is 89 years old and a lifelong campaigner committed to the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).


Bruce was energetic and took questions for over one hour and the children remained memorised and the adults were equally impressed.

Bruce has offered to come back next year in his 90th year and we look forward to inviting him to the school next year.


Remembrance Day


On Monday  12th November, the Year 6 children went to Tottenham Cemetery. At eleven o'clock they had a 2 minutes silence to remember all of the soldiers that had died to restore peace in our country.


Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics


We dedicated this special week to celebrating science, technology, engineering and maths across the whole school.


The week was full of fascinating, entertaining and engaging events and activities across the school as well as visits outside. We welcomed visitors from STEM, Highgate School and our governing body.


On Tuesday, teachers from every year group launched the week by demonstrating different science experiments in the hall. This was then followed by our Year 6 children going to the London School of Excellence Tottenham for a range of STEM activities.


Wednesday was the highlight of the week for KS2 as we were joined by Andrew Szydlo who spent offer an hour telling the story of chemistry through a range of experiments and demonstrations. His visit ended with a very large BANG!!!


An important part of the week was the involvement of local organisations, such as the police and ambulance services. Children on Thursday spent part of their day, trying on a range of police kit and having the opportunity to sit in a police car.


Over the week each class had a project focusing on engineering. There was a real creative energy around the school and every one was keen to share their work.

On Friday STEM week closed with the work completed during the week being displayed in the hall. Parents were invited into the hall and many were amazed with the high quality bridges that were completed as half term homework.

A great week was had by all. Roll on 2019.

Celebrating Black History

No Pens Day