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Maths Week 28th April to 2nd May 2014

This week every pupil at St Francis de Sales School participated in Maths Week. We took part in some amazing maths challenges, watched a maths theatre groups perform and worked with our parents in class.

The school’s maths coordinator Miss Greenaway developed a fun-packed week giving us some brilliant challenges to solve each day. An overall winner will be chosen at the end of the week from those who are successful in solving these.

Why don't you try these puzzles and see if you are as smart as a St Francis de Sales student!

The Amazing Patterns by Eryka - 2LO

Maths Week was also an opportunity for parents to visit the school to spend time in class with their children to play games and find out about what they are learning. Joanna and Rita who have  children in Year 3 were interview by Kerjarn, Stephanie and Venora from St Francis de Sales School Council and Journalism Club.

What do you think of Maths Week?
Joanna: I think it is great.  I really enjoyed the day I have spent time in reception with my twins and enjoyed looking at patterns with the children.

Have you enjoyed coming to St Francis de Sales School?
Joanna: I would like to come to school more often. It has been a great experience.

Would you like to be more involved in other activities at St Francis de Sales School?
Joanna: Yes I want to be able to help my children at home and learn more.

Is maths taught differently at school from when you were at school?
Joanna: There are some differences but it is basically the same as I was taught in Poland. It was a long time ago!

Which method do you prefer?
Joanna: I prefer to learn the English method.


Views on Maths Week 2014

By Nadia in 4H


During Maths Week 2014, there were lots of exciting things going on. One of the really cool things was a play called, ‘Countback Kid’. It was on the second day of Maths Week. It was the most exciting and mesmerising play to watch-and SUPER funny! The play was about cowboys/girls in a desert. One of the cowboys was using a cowgirl to help him find treasure that he couldn’t find on his own because his Maths skills had much to be desired. The cowgirl was fantastic with Maths number skills and taught us some cool tricks to solve problems.


Earlier in the play, someone else was looking for the treasure too. His gun got replaced with a banana, but he didn’t even know! He tried getting out his ‘gun’ to shoot the person who was looking for the treasure, but then, he pulled out a BANANA. Ha, ha, ha!!! It was really good because I enjoyed solving the Maths problems while they tried to find the treasure. They showed us how decimals work, awesome division tricks and all sorts.


One of the actors even sat on Mrs Charalambous for a laugh. It took her totally by surprise. She was shocked!!! It was the funniest play we’ve ever seen (at least, in my opinion). We learnt so many things during the performance.


On the last day of Maths Week (Friday), we had a Maths quiz and ‘St Francis Has Got Talent’ show- SO MUCH FUN! Two of my classmates were in the years 3and 4 quiz and had a seriously BIG, BIG, BIG contest. The contestants had lots of things to do, including Maths problems that were really interesting and funny! One of the codes that was cracked even said, “Mr McDermott is the best!’ Ha!


Mr Low and Mr McDermott are really hilarious when they run things together; they’re like evil twins! To start the year group quizzes, they both said a joke and Mr Low asked us to only laugh at his joke, then, Mr McDermott did the same thing. After that, we had ‘St. Francis Has Got Talent’. Unfortunately, my class didn’t win, but the children who won were really good. I don’t actually mind that we didn’t win because… WE’RE ALL WINNERS!


Another highlight of Maths Week was the daily challenges. Miss Greenaway gave the whole school a challenge every day to take home and solve with our parents. Each answer formed a code which would open a safe which held the prize for the winner. There was a buzz around our school all week. The overall winner was Jeremiah from Class 6G.


As the Maths slogan says, “We love Maths, Maths is Cool!” I can’t wait for Maths Week next year!