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Minutes of Meeting on 23rd February 2016

St Francis de Sales School Council meeting Tuesday 23rd of February 2016


1.  Apologises. All School Councillors present expect year 5.

     Year 5 Apologises School Trip


2.  New dates for School Council meetings Tuesdays at 2.45pm in staff

     room, with alternative year groups meeting each week.



3.  School Councillors collected suggestion boxes from Mr Babu on Friday the 5th

     of February and will complete suggestion boxes by the 4th of March 2016.

     Prize for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.



4.  Dates to visit Police Station and meet Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa and

     Police Horses ( 25th of May 2016)



5.  Photographs of Class School Councillors and Deputies outside each class.

     Completed by Mrs Enstone


6. Suggestions boxes to bring to next School Council meeting on the Friday  the 

    4th of March..

    School Councillors have requested extra time for Suggestion boxes.


7. Meeting with Mrs Coogan School Governor to be arranged.