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Minutes of Meeting on 29th February 2016

St Francis de Sales School Council meeting Tuesday 29th February 2016


1. Minutes Agreed

2. Apologises 50 who are on a school trip to City University . Otherwise all School

    Councillors attended meeting.

3. Mrs Coogan Governors view

    Mrs Coogan thanked the School Council for the opportunity to visit

    their meeting.


4. Suggestion boxes reminder

    Classes 6M , 4P and 6G requested smaller suggestion boxes to design.


5. European referendum

    School Council to organise a European Referendum for St Francis de  



6. School Values

    School Councillors discussed the importance of School Values   

    Aspiration, Respect, Resilience, Teamwork and Engangement.


7. What is great about our school and what would we like to change.

    “Group work on what is great about the school?”

  • The children
  • The Teachers and TAs and helpers
  • Catholic Faith
  • Great Education
  • Learning new things
  • The help children are offered
  • Charity supporting poor people
  • Teachers show respect to children
  • Very positive school
  • We believe we are Extraordinary
  • Lots of clubs


“What can we do to improve St Franics ?”

  • Use Year 6 and pupils who are talented in a sport to help supervisors at Lunchtime and breaks.
  • Change Uniform to a lighter colour
  • More sports equipment
  • Build a football cage
  • Girls only football
  • Allow use of  mobiles at play times
  • More fitness
  • Running club
  • Lollipop man/woman on Tottenham High Road
  • More charity events
  • More spaces in football club and more clubs
  • Table tennis clubs
  • Allow trainers instead of plimsolls
  • Develop Scouts at the St Francis


8. AOB Mr Lane and Mrs Coogan thanked the School Council for their excellent

    suggestions and looking forward to the European Referendum Elections at St