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Parent Support

The school's Parent Support Adviser is Cheryl Martin.  She is here every  TUESDAY from 9am to 4pm and WEDNESDAY from 9am to 12pm.

Cheryl can support your with  accessing guidance,  information and advice and can also support you with making informed decisions about your child's social and academic future.


Cheryl has helped many families with successfully progressing personal matters  that affect their children such as housing, employment , immigration and much more.


Please visit her in school or contact her on 07939 961 653 for a chat or to arrange an appointment and do look out for her forthcoming information sharing sessions and workshops.


Last year over  100 parents accessed Cheryl's Parent Support Service across Haringey, on more than one occasion.  Here are a few of their comments:


"I would like to thank Cheryl who has helped make our home a happier place and to show us how to help our daughter and younger daughter."


"...I feel I have benefited by learning new ways how to support my son.  In addition, I've learned more about the state educational system.  The work provided for my son has been helpful in terms of building his confidence."


"She done a wonderful job. Gave me and children courage and support. Her presence at (immigration) interview was wonderful."

"This service has improved my parenting skills, as well as (helped me) develop a positive attitude (and given me) strategies on how to deal with my children."


"(Cheryl) worked with me in a non-judgemental way and also empowered me and my family to get the most out of education opportunities."