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Pupils from St Francis de Sales Represent Tottenham Constituency in Nationwide Parliamentary Project

St Francis de Sales School in Tottenham has been revealed as one of 650 schools selected from across the United Kingdom to take part in a unique project that aims to connect young people with the democratic process and heritage.

In 2015 the Houses of Parliament will be celebrating two historic anniversaries that signify the beginnings of a journey to rights and representation in the UK, namely the 800th year of the sealing of the Magna Carta (1215) and the 750th anniversary of the Simon de Montfort parliament (1265).


To mark the Montfort parliament anniversary, where elected representatives of the shires and the boroughs came together for the first time, Parliament has selected a primary school in every constituency to create a flag that represents their area or community. This project forms part of Parliament’s 2015 ‘Parliament in the Making’ programme.


The winning design was produced by Amelia and Olamide from year 5 school council .The flag is very simple and shows a heart with the words Tottenham with a orange background. Amelia said “I can't wait to find out if we have won" Mr Lane the Head teacher said " We really enjoyed participating in this unique historical event" .


Artist Jonathan Parsons commented: ‘The 2015 Flag Project has demonstrated not just the wonderful creativity and imagination of all the participants, but also affords a genuinely unique child’s-eye view of the entire UK and it’s variety of local identities. From highlighting the natural environment of a constituency to drawing on myths, legends and history or showing a local trade or industry, I have been delighted by the creativity and diversity of the submitted flag designs. The project has also offered a creative way to connect young people to the special 2015 de Montfort anniversary year, celebrating 750 years of the House of Commons and the local representation we know today. Flags are a perfect vehicle to encapsulate the project, being one of the key methods of representation for individual and group identities. I am thrilled to have been involved with a project designed to enable children to learn through creative work.’

Children from St Francis de Sales School Council  have worked together to create a fantastic design to reflect how they see Tottenham, using traditional flag making rules about colours, shapes and emblems The School Council worked on the design after visiting Sir Quentin Blake's House of Illustrations in Kings Cross, working in smaller groups to design flags which summarized Tottenham.  We then asked students and teachers to choose their favourite design.

In spring 2015 flags from all the selected schools across the UK will ‘fly’ online via a digital exhibition and a limited number will be stitched into large flags to fly at a special event in Parliament Square. The project will then be rolled out as a national opportunity for all schools to join in and add their flag to the digital exhibition with support from a free flag-making kit. Schools that take part from that point will be able to add their flag to the online gallery until December 2015.

The online exhibition will also enable schools to share their flag design with the rest of their community and the wider public and generate a profile for Tottenham amongst their peers.