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Welcome to Reception 





The staff in your child’s year group are as follows:


RC      Ms Clark Class  Teacher

          Miss Tracy  Nursery Nurse


RM    Miss McGrane  Class Teacher

         Mrs Charalambous  Nursery Nurse


RV     Mrs Vilaisak  Class Teacher

         Mrs Boyle  Nursery Nurse


Mrs Williams   Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Cupi          Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Gosnell     Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Cattini     Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Mel          Learning Support Assitant


Mrs Melbourne  Year Group Leader


If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher please make an appointment at the school office, or for a brief, informal chat speak to the teacher at 3.30pm.  If you wish to have a more detailed conversation with your child’s teacher or the Year Group Leader, please visit the school office to request an appointment or a phone call.

Recommended books to share with your children - click on the picture below


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