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Be Bright and Be Seen during November! 


Dear School Travel Champions,


As we move into winter, drop-off and pick-up times at school will continue to get darker in the lead up to Christmas. This poses risks for our children during the journey to school. We’d like to highlight the Be Bright Be Seen campaign, encouraging us all to think about how we can make ourselves more visible when out in the street.



The TfL STARS  website we have so many resources and ideas you can use :


You can email the  Smarter Travel Team on  for any support or information.


Please see attachment for more information.

A useful guide to keeping yourself and others safe on the road.

THINK! Child Road Safety: Tales of the Road campaign

Cautionary tale: The Boy Who Did Not Find a Safe Place to Cross

Bloo the Gnu at the Zebra Crossing

This is the story of Bloo the Gnu's journey across the grasslands of Africa and his attempt to cross the Mara River.

Bloo discovers from a familiar friend that








is not only helpful advice for avoiding crocodiles, but also for crossing the road safely!