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School Council 2014 - 2015

Free the Children


This week our School Council worked with Free the Children and Mayors Office of London to develop a new initiative to work with our local communities. The workshop was very interesting  and help us develop our British Values themes .


The children discussed lots of ideas but Rebecca's idea of playing music in the reception area of our local hospital was the most popular. The School council will be writing to North Middlesex University Hospital and exploring how they can develop this idea.


The children had a lot of ideas and wanted to showcase their huge level of talent which included playing the violin , singing and gymnastics.


4th May

Speaker presents award to Tottenham primary school after helping elderly

Haringey Independent


House of Commons speaker John Bercow presented primary school pupils with a prize for their work helping elderly people.

St Francis de Sales Primary School, in Church Road, Tottenham, was awarded the Speaker’s school council award in the four to seven age category for its ‘intergenerational ladies and gents do lunch’ event.


Working with Age Concern and Haringey Council, the school hosted a forum in which elderly people could meet students to reduce social isolation among elderly people in Tottenham.

Organiser Dalwardin Babu said: “St Francis de Sales school in Tottenham believes in exposing our incredible children to new and exciting opportunities. The Speakers Awards was an amazing opportunity for our school council to showcase our community-focused work to reduce social isolation for local older people.

“The school is buzzing with excitement. We are pleased that other schools have visited us since the speakers awards to look at how they can replicate what St Francis de Sales School has started.”

Mr Bercow said: “School councils make valuable contributions to their communities, while giving students what is often their first taste of democratic practice.


“It is therefore very fitting that these young leaders from are here to celebrate the building of the new Parliamentary Education Centre which will allow more young people to visit Parliament and develop their understanding of and connection to democracy.”


St Francis de Sales School Infant and Junior school is situated in the heart Tottenham and provides education and learning for over 700 children. Our children are determined to make sure they get the best out of learning and our staff are keen to explore every opportunity for our children .


St Francis de Sales School Council is a vibrant organisation allowing our children to develop new and innovative ideas for improving our school and community. This year our children wanted to focus on how we can help older people who live in Tottenham, an idea that was placed in our school council  suggestion boxes . The school Council negotiated with our catering company Lunchtime UK to provide free meals to older people . The meal was followed by the older people reading to the infant children.


The school decided to enter the Speakers Awards for School Council Intergenerational Ladies and Gents do Lunch . The children were so excited when they found out that their hard work had been recognized by Speaker of the House of Commons Mr John Bercow MP and they had won the National School Council award 2015.


Mr Lane the Head teacher said " This will be a once in a lifetime experience for our children and help put Tottenham on the map for all the right reasons"

Aaron , one of the pupils who helps said" I really enjoyed the lunch with the older people and I would love to help again. I am writing about the lunch and showing my teacher Mrs Brown what I have written"

Esther another pupil added " I enjoyed being a waitress taking orders and serving paella to them"


One of the older people who attends the event Teresa said " This is lovely opportunity and I enjoyed bringing some toys I played with when I was a child"


The children are besides themselves with excitement as they prepare for their visit to the House of Commons in Februarys , an experience they will never forget and share with other children in our school.