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5 Easy Ways to Use Numicon to Help Early Numeracy at Home 

We use Numicon as a resource to enable children to visualise numbers. Take a look at how it can be used in the early stages of numeracy.

Discover 5 easy and fun ways to build your child's early numeracy skills at home using Numicon. 

Activities in this video:     1. Recognising Numicon Number Frames

                                        2. Practise Addition Facts (1:00)

                                        3. Understand Tens and Units - Making large numbers with Numicon (2:12

                                        4. Practise Doubles (3:46)

                                        5. Practise Bonds to Ten (5:36)


The product used in the video can be bought on Amazon 


He is a list of useful website to use at home.

These links will take you to sites which are full of excellent games and activities to help your child practise their maths skills.


  • Oxford Owl Find out what you can do to help develop your child's maths skills, from the early years to KS2 SATs