St Francis de Sales Catholic

Church Road, Tottenham, London, N17 8AZ

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St Francis de Sales Catholic

Infant and Junior School

  1. Our School
  2. Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

At St Francis de Sales every child will achieve their own personal excellence by making outstanding progress in their academic, social and spiritual development. This will enable them to excel at secondary school and then attend a further educational institution should they choose.


Our Values


In striving to be extraordinary we will...

  • Believe in ourselves
  • Give our best effort
  • Be disciplined
  • Work hard and use time well  
  • Set clear and concise goals 
  • Follow exemplary role models 



In striving to engage joyfully in our work we will...

  • Always praise effort 
  • Show enjoyment in work and learning  
  • Remain purposeful and motivated  
  • Acknowledge successes
  • Be creative in our approach  
  • Inspire others through my own actions and attitude


In striving to be respectful we will...

  • Do as we would be done by
  • Follow the rules  
  • Listen thoughtfully and disagree tactfully
  • Have outstanding presentation of self; Appearance, Words
  • Be creative in our approach  
  • Be polite and well mannered



In striving to show resilience we will...

  • Take risks
  • Remain flexible
  • Show determination
  • Aim for a clear goal
  • Have outstanding attendance and punctuality 


In striving to work collaboratively we will...

  • Believe in the school's mission and values
  • Avoid conflict through dialogue
  • Remain positive at all times
  • Be willing to liaise and share
  • Show support for others 
  • Show emotional intelligence