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  2. Equality Duty Compliance – Public Sector Equality Duty

Equality Duty Compliance – Public Sector Equality Duty



To demonstrate compliance with the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED), St Francis de Sales takes the following steps:


  1. We publish our Equality Objectives: These can be found here - St Francis de Sales Catholic - Equality Objectives Statement (


  1. We conduct Equality Impact Assessments: All major decisions are made with due care towards the needs of our community and the impact of decisions on those who may have protected characteristics.


  1. We collect and analyse data: This includes data in relation to pupil and staff demographics, attainment, attendance, and other relevant areas, disaggregated by protected characteristics. This data helps identify any disparities or gaps in outcomes and informs targeted interventions.


  1. We foster inclusive practices: Equality and diversity principles are embedded into our day-to-day practices and policies. This includes promoting inclusive teaching and learning strategies, providing reasonable adjustments for disabled individuals and ensuring that the physical environment is as accessible to all as possible.


  1. Training and awareness: We provide training and professional development opportunities for staff to enhance their understanding of equality issues, unconscious bias, and inclusive practices. This helps create a culture of awareness and sensitivity to the needs of individuals with protected characteristics.


  1. We engage with the school community: We actively involve parents, carers, and the wider community in promoting equality and inclusion where possible. We do this through regular communication, seeking feedback, and involving stakeholders in some of the school’s decision-making processes.


  1. Monitor and Review: We monitor and review our progress in achieving equality objectives. This includes evaluating the impact of interventions, reviewing data, seeking feedback from stakeholders, and making adjustments to strategies and actions as necessary – for example we recently had a review carried out by HEP focused on our approach to Racial Justice.


  1. Publish Information: On our website we have published our equality policy, equality objectives, progress and attainment results and pupil premium.


By following these steps and maintaining appropriate records, schools can demonstrate their commitment to complying with the PSED and promoting equality and diversity within their institution.