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Uniform Policy

The Governors of St Francis de Sales Catholic School expect parents and carers to send their children to school wearing the appropriate uniform. Children are expected to wear the correct school uniform at all times.

School uniform will be checked daily and parents will receive reminder letters from the class teacher should a child be out of school uniform. 


Grey trousers, grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers (not leggings)

Plain maroon long sleeve jumper or sweatshirt (V-necked) or a cardigan.

White shirt or blouse


With trousers, plain black socks.

With a pinafore dress or skirt,  white socks, black or grey tights.


In hot weather:

Grey shorts, trousers or skirt and a white short-sleeve shirt and tie are acceptable (polo shirts are not—they are for PE only). Red check summer dress  worn with white socks (not tights).

School hats are the only ones permitted - available from the uniform store if you so wish.


Nursery Children

A maroon tracksuit should be worn with a white t-shirt underneath.



All children should wear proper shoes; NO coloured trainers, NO high heel shoes, NO boots (‘Kickers’ or ‘ Dr Martens’ are the only boots permitted). School shoes / trainers should be completely black in colour. ‘Converse’ trainers are not considered appropriate for school wear and are not permitted. Children coming to school with inappropriate footwear will be kept off the playground for their own safety.

Summer Term:

White, black or brown sandals may be worn. Sandals should not have high heels or be open-toed for safety reasons.



Our aim is for children to remain warm and dry,

consequently all children will be required to have a

waterproof coat at all times. Our preference is that

children all wear the maroon winter coat. The school

uniform shop will provide an approved school winter fleece and coat, but many outlets sell appropriate maroon coats at reasonable prices.


Please note that denim jackets, hooded sweat top type wear, body warmers or fleeces are not permitted.


PE Kit:

School tracksuit, plain navy shorts and plain white short sleeved T-shirt. Plain black trainers or plimsolls are the only types of footwear permitted for P.E. The school tracksuit with the logo must be worn for outdoor games. Tights must be removed for PE. If necessary, a pair of socks should be left in the PE bag to wear instead during PE.

PE kits should be stored in the PE bag (maroon draw string bag) not carrier bags.

The tracksuit top may not be worn instead of the school jumper or cardigan.

Children are not permitted to wear anything that restricts their movement during PE sessions.


Hair fashions:

All hair must be tied back if long. Hair should be their natural hair colour with no coloured weaves or braids.

Bleached or dyed hair is not permitted.

The wearing of hard hair accessories (beads for example) is not permitted as these pose health and safety risks and can interfere with the legal requirement to participate in PE lessons.


There should be no extreme hairstyles or lines or designs cut into hair or eyebrows.

Scarves are not permitted. Hair ribbons, if worn, should be maroon or black in colour.

Fashion hair accessories ( i.e. large bows ) are not permitted.

Children coming to school with hair that breeches this policy will be kept off the playground.



If earrings are worn, they can only be plain gold or silver un-jewelled stud earrings  of no more than 4mm in diameter. Studs with a jewel are not allowed. 

Long, hanging or hooped earrings are extremely dangerous in school and are not allowed.  All stud earrings must be removed for PE lessons. Earrings worn that are not appropriate will be kept and held until a parent/carer can collect them.

The beginning of the summer holiday should be used if a child is to have ears pierced. Children incapable of removing and replacing stud earrings quickly without assistance should not wear them to school on PE days.

Other jewellery: bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. must not be worn – a small crucifix is acceptable.

If children have watches, they wear them at their own risk. Analogue or digital watches (for learning to tell the time) are the only ones allowed. Smart watches are not permitted.

Nail varnish is not allowed. If children wear it at the weekends or holidays, they must remove it before returning to school.


Book Bags are the only bags permitted in school - rucksacks and pencil cases not allowed.


St Francis de Sales items with a logo are available from:

Divine Solutions Schoolwear Ltd. 3, Northumberland Park,

Tottenham, London N.17 OTA (Tel: 02082169913) and Star Uniforms, 32, Church Road, Tottenham, London  N.17 8AQ (Tel:020 88856575).Uniform items are also available from many shops and supermarkets.   


All clothing must be clearly marked with the child’s name. It is impossible to identify the rightful owner without it!