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Year 6 Matilda


Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics

The children and adults at SFDS have been celebrating STEAM week by engaging in a range of stimulating activities and projects. The week began with launch assemblies lead by the STEAM team with the aim of raising the profile of STEAM and getting the children excited about learning. SFDS were honoured to welcome a range of STEAM ambassadors to speak to different year groups about their careers and break down those stereotypes about who can pursue a future in these professions.
Throughout the week, every year group engaged in an enterprise activity which incorporated all the aspects of STEAM. Some examples of the enterprises included making candle holders (Year 2), creating tasty dairy-based deserts (Year 4) and producing woven wristbands (Year 5), all of which will be available to buy at this year’s Summer Carnival.
Additionally, various year groups took part in other STEAM related activities. Reception took on the challenge of protecting a garden from the evils of slugs and snails; Year 4 went pond dipping and discovered some very interesting wildlife; many year groups used their maths skills to help them make rocky road; and Year 5 were privileged enough to visit Woodside High School to conduct a science experiment in a laboratory, investigating food groups.
A real highlight of the week was the Expressions Art Exhibition, masterminded by Miss Greenaway. The exhibition featured a fantastic array of artwork created by some of the phenomenal artists from SFDS. The exhibition was open to not just the children, but parents and carers, many of whom remarked on the exceptional quality of the pieces on show. The artwork was available to purchase, with many pieces being sold on the day and the few remaining pieces going on sale at the Summer Carnival.
Finally, to finish the week in style, adults and children across the school dressed up as something that represented STEAM. From doctors and scientists to artists and construction workers, all the many facets of STEAM were celebrated. As you can see from the photos below, the future of STEAM is alive and well in SFDS!

Michael Rosen 

Michael Rosen opened our school library.

Celebrating the King's Coronation

Alison Steadman

Year 3 - Farm Trip

Year 2 Science Trip

Chicks in School

This week Nursery welcomed some very exciting and adorable visitors to the classroom! Starting as eggs on Monday, we have watched – almost patiently! – as they started wobbling around the incubator on Tuesday and finally hatching on Wednesday. The class were absolutely fascinated to watch the chicks hatching and we were fortunate enough to record some of them hatching. They are now growing bigger and stronger and we cannot wait until we can build runs for them next week.


Early Years Foundation Stage

“I was stroking them, they were soft. They used their beaks to get out of the eggs. They were wet when they got out of the eggs”

“It turned into a butterfly, maybe it’s left its home”



“It was a caterpillar. Yesterday it come to a butterfly”

“I see cocoons on the lid. It came from the mummy”




“They were wiggling and they turned into a butterfly. The caterpillar changed into a cocoon”

Deborah Reiss Foundation

Thank you to the Deborah Reiss Foundation for providing our children with cold weather clothing kits.
The children were extremely grateful to receive: socks, gloves, a snood, a hat and a thermal vest.

The Deborah Reiss Foundation is a charity to support children and families. Organisers say the initiative is to support families struggling during this ‘cost of living crisis’ to ensure every child stays warm and well during the cold winter months. To help with this the Foundation has donated over 160  Keep Warm Kits to the school. 

Word Book Day

Year 6 Holocaust

Year 6 visited Coombes Croft Library for a Live Story about the Holocaust. The story was by the grandchild whose grandparents had to send their two daughters to England at the ages of 13 and 15 for a safer life. Just an ordinary family whose lives changed in an instant after Hitler's rise to power in Germany.

Year 4 Bruce Castle Museum 

Roman Britain

Junior Road Watch 

Reception - Nativity

Year 5- Maths Workshop

Year 6 - Cycle Training

 Year 3 - River Thames Trip

Remembrance Day


WWI Poetry and Poppies Workshop 


No Pens Day