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Remembrance Day

Year 4 meeting Onjali Q.Raúf

Year 4 had the opportunity to meet the very talented Onjali Q Raúf at Coombes Croft Library. She showed her new book ‘Where Magic Grows’ which is a selection of seven stories with each beginning with a poem.
Her adventure books are based on real people that she knows such as ‘The Extra-Specially-Super-Deliciously Fantastically Naughty Boy’ is linked to her younger brother. ‘The Night Bus Hero’ has the themes of bullying and homelessness. This story is inspired by a homeless man she would walk past on her way to school when she was a little girl. She would often give something to the homeless man. This has also influenced her to carry out charity work for numerous homeless charities.
‘The Boy in the Back of the Classroom’ refers to the theme of refugees. This has encouraged her work on working with the refugee camps in Northern France. A percentage of sales from her books goes to these charities.
Onjali gave the year 4 children tips about writing poetry. She said to “always read your lines out loud and check that it has a rhythm. Poems does not always have to rhyme!”


What inspired you to become an author? From Marilyn 

“ I had a teacher called Ms Cooney who really inspired me as well as my brother and my mum.” Said Onjali.

“Do you like writing stories?” From Szymon

Onjali said “ Yes! It does take time to write. I love the ideas, although I dislike writing the middle. My editor normally helps me. The end is my favourite when I see how the story comes together.”

“Have you read many books?” From Amelia 

Onjali said “I’ve published 13 books. There are more to come.”

What are the qualities of being a writer? From Anaiyah

“I write when I want to or can. The qualities are to never give up, use your experiences and don’t put any ideas in the bin, it might be useful in the future. It took 12 years to publish my first book!”

Did you like reading? From Maria 

“I would read by the window late at night at 8pm with the street light as my light, when really I should have been in bed!”

Who is your favourite author? From Jordan-Carter

I have 20,000 favourite authors! I have so many to choose from it is not possible to choose as I love all genres.”

When do you read? From Adonai 

“I read 3-4 times a day. I read books, magazines, newspapers.”


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